Top  Good Books on Female Psychology

Books are the pearl of human knowledge and have a great influence on people’s lives. By reading good books, people can change their way of life, improve their spirit and have the right direction for their career. The following is a list of good books on female psychology that are practical, funny, and easy to read, which can help single people find love or help readers have a deeper insight of female psychology. In addition, the book also teaches you how to bring happiness to your partner so that you will be happier in the future.  


Women Who Love Too Much

“We will find out why so many women, despite their desire to find true love, end up getting involved with unworthy and unloving lovers. And we’ll also discover why, even though we know an existing relationship isn’t meeting our needs, it’s hard for us to end it. We will also learn how our longing for love, our desire to find true love, as well as our own existing love, can turn into an addiction.”

You have been through a lot of good relationships, even if you have never opened your heart to love anyone, the book “Women who love too much” by author Robin Norwood is still written especially for you, for us – to have a better understanding about women psychology in a relationship.

In this popular book, Robin Norwood shares with women how to free themselves from a love that can destroy them. “A book that changed a woman’s life.” – Erica Jong.

The work “Women who love too much” is a book dedicated to women and female psychology. Women are born to be protected and cared for, find out how to love yourself so that you can have a beautiful and true love. We – women need to remember one thing, don’t choose your man by any standards, as long as that man loves you, all standards are not important. Even if he meets all of your standards, if he doesn’t love you, it’s all useless.

“When a woman meets a good man, she doesn’t need to grow up for the rest of her life. When a woman is more and more mature, more and more resilient, it is because the man is not good enough…”

Books on Female Psychology

Women who love too much by Robin Norwood


For Men Only

Men often think that women are very confusing, erratic, even “like a swamp that once you fall into it, you can’t know where you are going and will soon be submerged”. However, women as a mysterious world urge to be discovered and conquered. Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feld Hahn wrote For Men Only as a compass for men to understand and empathize with female behavior psychology.

Although it is only a thin book, if we read it through from beginning to end, we will surely be surprised because we realize many new things that men have never understood before about their girlfriend or wife psychology. The solutions and examples in each chapter are not only to overcome the problem but also bring interesting findings of the way women think and act in love and marriage.

To get those vivid illustrations, Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feld Hahn had a lot of real tests, practical observations, and a very scientific conclusion. For example, women often complain that men do not listen to them, while men think that listening is also listening while working. Or why women are “erratic”, why “I love you” always means “And do you love me?” etc… It’s a very obvious difference but we rarely realize it.

Moreover, men will literally mean “men” when they really understand what women desire and expect. And really, it’s not as tall or dreamy as men think. Very simple and close examples that will surprise men such as: when sad, women always expect their men to be by their side to encourage and comfort, while men prefer to be alone to admire. There are many more differences in the book waiting for men to discover to understand their love half.

The book For Men Only is not only extremely interesting with real, easy-to-understand examples but also a guide to help couples understand each other better and avoid conflicts in married life. The proof is that the FamilyLife Today program in the US had to install many more phones to receive your opinions on the book For Men Only as well as the co-authored book: For Women only.

Believe that, with a deep understanding of each other, couples or lovers will love each other more so that life is full of joy and happiness. Because love sometimes also needs understanding.

For Men Only by Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn


Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

As host of the nationally acclaimed Steve Harvey Morning show, Steve Harvey has been in contact with countless women over the years, either through his Strawberry Letter column or through comedy tours. drama in many places. Those women can simultaneously own a business, take care of a family with three children, and participate in other social activities. But that has never made relationships with men easy for them either. Why so? According to Steve, it’s because they all look to other women for advice, when only a man can tell them how to find and keep a worthy man.


In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve shows women psychology what’s inside a man’s mind. With conversational comfort and spiced up with comedic star humor, Steve Harvey in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is more of a close friend than a psychologist.

In doing so, the book was well-received in the United States with 22 reprints in less than a year. “A comprehensive and witty handbook.” – Publishers Weekly. “Full of principles, rules, and practical advice, illustrated with humor and affection from the life of Harvey. Behave like a woman, think like men bring readers a lot of information about the difference between the sexes and how to overcome to have a good relationship for both.” – New York Beacon.

Act like a lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey

Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

Just now, Allan & Barbara Pease are back with their most important book: Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love. This is a funny, easy-to-read book about female and male psychology. In this book, they revealed a fact about the two sexes; At the same time, with their talents, they have made scientific knowledge interesting, attractive, and easy to understand, thereby guiding us on how to apply that knowledge to find love, share voices and solve problems, as well as trouble in love affairs and live happier with your partner.

Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love by Allan & Barbara Pease

The book reveals:

  • What both sexes really want in love and sex
  • How to find a great life partner and live happily ever after
  • Things to do when hormones in the body are high
  • Things that increase/decrease testosterone levels in the brain
  • How to deal with a cheating partner
  • How to improve your love life
  • What to do to get back “fit”
  • Those who want to get the most out of their relationship should read this book because it answers all the questions that both sexes aspire to.

Allan and Barbara Pease are two of the most successful authors in the field of books on human relationships. In total, they have written 15 best-selling books – nine of which are world bestsellers – and hold seminars in nearly 30 countries each year. Their books are available in more than 100 countries, translated into 51 languages, ​​and sold over 25 million copies. In addition, they are regularly featured in media around the world – their research is the subject of nine TV series, a stage play, and a top-grossing film with a total of nine hits. The audience is estimated at more than 100 million people.

Pease International Ltd. Their company specializes in providing videos, training courses, and seminars to many businesses and governments across continents. Their monthly column on romantic relationships has attracted more than 20 million readers in 25 countries. This couple currently lives in Australia and the UK with 6 children and 5 grandchildren.


What Women Want Men To Know

“This book has been compiled from a mix of sources that largely stem from several decades of working with tens of thousands of women and listening to what they wish men knew about them…From twenty-five over the years, I have never ceased to appreciate women’s confessions about what they want and need from their partners and listen to dissatisfaction because their needs are not always met.

I have also worked with tens of thousands of men, exploring their views on love, sex, and intimacy, and how often they seem mysterious to us women. And since then, what I present in this “What Women Want Men to Know” is an invitation for men to see and understand women’s psychology of love. And it’s even more practical to be able to help women succeed in expressing their needs, explaining your nature, and sharing your soul with the man you love.”

What Women Want Men To Know by Ph.D. Barbara Deangelis


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

It is often said that men and women are “two extremes” completely different, so between men and women, there are always clear differences and even opposites. Therefore, to make family life happier, you should read the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. We mistakenly believe that if our partners love us, they will inevitably react and behave the way we react and behave. This view frustrates us over and over again, preventing us from taking the time to honestly share our differences.

And when you read this book, you will learn why your spouse is different, ways to deal with conflicts and tensions in your married life, and become in tune with your partner. You will use this knowledge to understand more about your partner, to respect others in ways that are important to them, and to help others understand your needs. useful to you.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – The BESTbook of all time about understanding the opposite sex and creating happiness in marriage and family. The book will help you:

  • Resolving language disagreements
  • How to sympathize with the opposite sex
  • Motivating the opposite sex is easy
  • Understand why men are like rubber bands, women are like waves
  • Preserving the magic of love

Men Are From Mars – Women Are From Venus is a book for everyone who is and will be entering married life.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Ph.D John Gray

The article has introduced you to 5 GOOD BOOKS on practical, funny, and easy-to-read FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY that any woman should read to become happier. Hopefully, the above books will help women gain more knowledge about the secret of balancing work and family to become happier.

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