Familiar Easter Brunch Fare: Creamed Eggs on Toast

Creamed eggs on toast is a dish that many families eat every Easter morning. It’s not only delicious, but it also provides you with some healthy protein and carbohydrates to get your day started off right! This article will explore creamed eggs on toast, why they make such an awesome brunch dish, how to make them, and provide recipes for variations of creamed eggs on toast. If creamed eggs on toast sounds like the perfect breakfast for you this holiday season then read through our blog post now!

Creamed eggs on toast
Delicious creamed eggs on toast

What are creamed eggs on toast?

Most families have a “traditional” food that they serve at their Easter celebrations each year. Some examples include ham, baked potatoes, casserole dishes such as green bean casserole , scrambled eggs and creamed eggs on toast . While creamed eggs on toast may seem like just another breakfast or brunch item this dish has become traditional enough that some consider it a holiday food.

Creamed eggs on toast is a combination of creamed spinach and ham or bacon served over lightly buttered slices of sourdough bread, English muffins or biscuits that have been generously smeared with butter. The creamed spinach mixture can be made ahead of time and refrigerated until just before serving which makes preparation even easier if you are hosting this brunch for guests.

As mentioned in the introduction to creamed eggs on toast , these tasty little treats have become so popular that some people refer to them as an Easter holiday food rather than simply one item in our list of brunches . A huge part of their appeal lies in how easy they are to make along with being healthy enough to serve at any meal during the week.

Why are they so good? 


Creamed eggs on toast is a very quick and easy fix and it’s also healthy for you! Eggs are well known as one of the best foods to eat anytime, especially because they contain both cholesterol (the bad kind) and protein. Although I’m not sure whether or not this dish actually contains any nutrients that can be considered superfoods , at least it doesn’t have harmful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup used in many other breakfast items. The great thing about creamed eggs on toast is that there are really no rules when making them – if you want to add a little more seasoning or replace creme fraiche with sour cream, then go right ahead. If you want to keep it simple and skip the English muffin, toast some bread on its own before adding creamed eggs!


How to make them

This dish consists of creamed eggs which are basically scrambled eggs that have ingredients added to make them creamy or rich tasting like milk, cream cheese etc., that have been cooked over low heat in a saucepan until the desired consistency is reached. The creamed egg mixture can be placed between two slices of bread for an open-faced sandwich or it can also be used as a topping for vegetables such as green beans or broccoli. It’s delicious either way!

Recipes for variations of this dish

There are so many variations out there though you could almost make your own recipe using whatever you like. Some creamed egg recipes call for bread crumbs and cheese while others may use mushrooms or other veggies instead of the broccoli, and if spinach is your thing you could add that too!

If creamed eggs on toast doesn’t sound very appealing to you why not make creamed eggs with bacon? This dish makes scrambled eggs even better by adding pieces of crispy bacon into the mix which adds a lovely smoky flavor when cooked together in a skillet until both are golden brown. You can eat these creamed eggs just as they are over buttered toast points or try something different such as atop an English muffin half topped with cheddar cheese slices then broiled in your oven until the cheese melts. When making this version of creamed eggs with bacon you can also choose to use turkey bacon instead of regular for less fat and calories.

Creamed eggs are delicious at any time of year but they’re especially nice during the Easter holiday when everyone is getting together for brunch or dinner. If you want something different than your standard casseroles this creamed egg dish makes a lovely choice, but it doesn’t stop there! There are so many more creamed cheese recipes that taste absolutely wonderful as well which we will be sharing later on our blog including one using broccoli if that sounds good to you!

I hope these tips help give you some inspiration next time creamed eggs on toast come up as an option whether it’s your first or fiftieth meal. Have a delicious creamed egg recipe that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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