The female psychology after breaking up has more changes than before, many people even fall into a serious mental crisis. They don’t know what to do without someone who once cared for, and worried about them. 


In love, everyone wants that they can choose a suitable person to be able to enjoy complete happiness. But not everyone is lucky enough to have that, so breaking up is very inevitable. Especially, after a period of love and care, girls tend to love more. Therefore, after a breakup, a girl’s mentality often changes.


Depending on the relationship of the two and many other factors, each girl will have different psychological development. As follows:


1. The girl’s psychology after breaking up has completely fallen out of love

If after breaking up, the women has completely stopped loving, then their psychology will not change too much.


1.1 Have fun, keep posting pictures of having fun with friends


If after breaking up a girl has completely fallen out of love, they will not waste time crying or suffering. Instead, they will feel happy, comfortable and start enjoying their free time. At the same time, they will also erase the memories of this old relationship and continuously post happy and cheerful pictures with friends and loved ones.


1.2 Not interacting or keeping in touch with the ex


Usually, after breaking up, a girl always has a soft mentality, is easy to calm down, and can reconnect with her ex-lover. However, in the case that the love has ended and the reason for the breakup is not smooth, they tend to want to definitively and completely end this relationship.


1.3 Responding nonchalantly


If the ex is in contact or wants to talk, they will also respond nonchalantly, without much emotion or using previous nicknames. There are even some cases where she doesn’t see or respond to messages or appointments.

female psychology after breaking up

She doesn’t see or respond to messages or appointments


1.4 Limiting appearances in mutual relationships


Usually, girls psychologically after breaking up, they will tend to shy away from meeting their mutual friends and relatives. Also because they do not want to be mentioned or constantly receive questions related to the other party. In addition, they also want to limit the chance of accidentally meeting their ex, so they will be less likely to interact or agree to be present in these appointments.


1.5 Quickly have a new relationship


If, after breaking up, the girl quickly received the attention and pursuit of other “satellites”, it is likely that they had completely lost their feelings for their ex-lover. Or some cases of constantly posting status lines “dropping” other boys. Don’t mistake these for signs that she’s trying to get her ex’s attention. In fact, this shows that she no longer cares and pays much attention to the feelings of her ex-lover.


2. The girl’s mentality after breaking up is proactive but still in love

Unlike the above case, when the girl is the one who takes the initiative to say goodbye but sometimes they still have feelings, their psychology will have torment and suffering.


2.1 Feeling free and comfortable


Also because she is the one who takes the initiative, after a breakup, the girl’s psychology will feel comfortable and feel like she has been released from the suffocating relationship. That’s why after ending this love, they will tend to be free, free and love the life around them more. She can even freely express herself and live as she wants without having to worry about anything.


2.2 Feeling tired, upset because of the questions


A girl’s psychological comfort after breaking up will not last too long. Also because at this moment, she is still attached and in love with her ex, so she can’t completely get them out of her mind. Besides, if the people around constantly ask about and refer to their ex-lovers, it will make them feel tired and hopeless. Constantly facing questions related to an old relationship makes her feel more stressed, more inclined to want to avoid people around.


2.3 Curious and want to know information about the other party


After the breakup, if the female still has a lot of feelings for the other party, she will always find a way to know their information. She will begin to be curious about the current life of her ex, wanting to know if he lives happily and happily. This can also be one of the feelings of guilt because you are the one who initiated the breakup. However, it is also understandable that she is thinking about her ex and is starting to miss and think about the other person.


2.4 Recalling memories


In fact, girls always tend to live emotionally. This has also been proven by many scientific studies. Therefore, even if a girl takes the initiative to break up first, their psyche will also feel uneasy, nostalgic and begin to remember old memories.

Their psyche will also feel uneasy, nostalgic and begin to remember old memories

2.5 Feeling empty, uncertain


This is a very common mentality of girls after a breakup, they constantly think about their decision and wonder if it is really the right thing. At this time, the girls’ psyche will be intertwined with many emotions, they want to forget, but they constantly think about their ex-lovers. These mixed emotions leave her feeling unsettled and unsupported.

Girls constantly think about their decision and wonder if it is really the right thing


2.6 Escape from the past


After a certain period of time, when she has begun to realize that the truth cannot be changed, she will tend to accept it and find a way to overcome it. There are many ways for girls to help themselves get rid of the memories of their exes. They can start going out, meeting friends, traveling. Or maybe open and accept the pursuit of other boys.


3. The psychology of a girl after a breakup is passive

If the person who initiates the breakup is not a girl, then their psychology will become more complicated and more difficult. The greater the damage, the stronger the emotional and psychological changes are shown.

3.1 The psychology of wanting to hold on


After breaking up, many girls always have a mentality of not believing in the truth, they always find ways to verify and deliberately refute it. Also because there are many cases due to excessive anger and frustration that girls and boys cannot control their thoughts and feelings, leading to the breakup. They think it’s just a little bit of the other’s anger and that the breakup is completely unreal.


That’s why girls after breaking up always want to find a way to talk and meet their lover for the last time to try to hold on to this relationship. Many people also tend to post sad, broken status lines on social networks in order to let the other person know their grief and depression.

Girls after breaking up always want to find a way to talk and meet their lover for the last time to try to hold on to this relationship.

3.2 Linking events


After a while of holding on and trying to find all ways to get back but still failing, girls will start to become confused, have sudden mood swings or even become irritable with everything going on around them. . At this time, she began to search and rummage through old memories as well as details and reasons for breaking up.


Also because they think that what the other side offers is not necessarily the final reason. In the case of finding out that she has been deceived, girls are more likely to go crazy and blame themselves for being so stupid and naive.


3.3 Broken heart


When knowing the truth of the hidden reasons behind, girls often fall into a psychological state of depression and brokenness after breaking up. At this point they begin to feel pain, despair and no longer have faith or hope in love. There are even some cases that even arise hatred and disgust about their ex-lovers.


Then they will feel anxious and insecure because they do not know how to get out of their chaotic emotions. The soul now seems to be broken into pieces, feeling empty, in crisis when there is no one who is always there to care, care and pamper. Many people even let go of themselves, letting emotions dominate.


3.4 Curious about the current situation of the ex-lover


After a period of crying, suffering and tormenting in her heart when she could not forget the hurt that her ex caused to herself, the girl began to become more stable psychologically. The characteristic of women is curiosity, so they will want to know how the other person is feeling, what their current situation is. In particular, they want to find out if the old person has a new partner or still loves them or not?


Also because, in the case of girls being passively broken up, they will always feel uneasy and uncomfortable in their hearts. They always think that they have done nothing wrong and will surely regret their decision. Sometimes they will also remember old memories but that only makes them feel sadder and more miserable. Some girls even intend to take revenge for the hurt and suffering he has for her.


3.5 Accepting the truth


Curiosity, learning, and longing for an ex-lover actually only lasts for a short time. When she is used to loneliness and the absence of someone, a girl’s psyche after a breakup will become more balanced and stable. At this time, girls will have a tendency to want to change and renew themselves so that they can continue a happy and happy life with better relationships.


However, the spirit and mood of the girl at this time is still not really stable, sometimes they still remember or look forward to a text message from the ex. As soon as they have those thoughts, they will quickly put aside their thoughts and try to maintain the present life.


3.6 Openness, reintegration

Usually, after ending a love relationship, everyone will feel miserable and immersed in negative thoughts that no longer care about the things around them. However, after going through that stage, girls will begin to overcome the hurt and become more open. They begin to integrate well with everything around them, meet friends, talk more with relatives.


At this time, girls will also be more conscious of taking care of themselves and paying attention to their appearance. Therefore, you can see that most girls’ psychology after breaking up for a while will begin to settle down and return to a “pink” life.


She will try to prove that she can still live well without the presence of “the other half”. However, this is also not entirely true because if she happened to meet her ex on the street, she would still be a bit sad and confused.


3.7 Comfort and serenity


Time is an effective “medicine” to help ease all the pain and hurt in the soul. After a long enough time, everything will gradually return to the ordinary orbit, the woman will no longer feel much pain and sadness. Things in the past are no longer present continuously, they become memories.


There will be some new relationships, new friends, or changes in life that will make the girl feel happier and more comfortable. However, sometimes they still can’t accept a new love, are still afraid and hesitant to continue to start a love story with someone else.


How to overcome the post-breakup crisis for girls?

The psychological changes of girls after breaking up are inevitable. However, you need to know how to control and master your emotions, don’t let negative thoughts overwhelm you. So how can girls overcome the post-breakup psychological crisis?

1. Change yourself, take care of your appearance

Usually, many girls after having a lover do not care too much for their appearance like when they were single. In particular, after ending a love affair, they become miserable, cry and torment themselves. This will not help you solve the problem, but will only make yourself worse. Therefore, the best way for you to get through this phase is to change yourself.


Try to refresh yourself, invest in your appearance in the most positive direction. Trying out a new hairstyle, changing your style of dress, or trying on high heels will make you feel new and happier. Just a little change will make you much more attractive, beautiful and confident.


2. Get rid of old habits

Some previous negative habits such as staying up late, eating irregularly, being lazy, using too much alcohol, etc. need to be changed quickly. Improving your living habits in a more positive and healthy way will also help your mood be much better. Start enjoying life with healthy activities such as reading, eating well, going to bed early, waking up to exercise in the morning will help you love life and yourself more.


3. Make time for work

Instead of lying in one place and remembering the things that make you hurt and miserable, focus your time on completing your work well. Investing in work not only helps you limit your boring time but also brings a lot of benefits to yourself, improving your professional level.


However, that is not to say that you constantly ban yourself from work and forget about time to relax and rest. Make a specific plan for things to do during the day or week to get everything done well. Girls should understand that love will color life but it is not all. Don’t become an undisciplined, irresponsible person because of love affairs.

Instead of being constantly bored, take your time and focus on your work

4. Meet friends and relatives

Usually, after a girl’s heartbreak, she tends to want to be alone and neglect her friends and people around. However, this will make your mood even more depressed and moody. Start making appointments for yourself, meeting close people to relieve the sadness in your heart.


Coffee dates, picnics, small parties or short trips with friends are enough to help you dispel the sadness and become happier and more comfortable. However, in the meantime, you should only meet and talk with people you really trust. Because only they understand and help you become better.


The psychology of girls after breaking up will be changed a lot, sometimes they will not be able to predict it. However, don’t lose yourself because of unworthy things, live proudly, and love yourself.


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