Female psychology secrets when in love

Many people say that girls are something very difficult to understand, their psychology is formed and exists in them, but sometimes they can’t understand it. Girl’s mentality changes erratically, especially in love comes from the need to be cared for, cared for and very sensitive by women. They are sensitive to the emotional responses of others and expect to be reciprocated with care and loving behavior. This blog deals with some confusing psychology of women in love, even if they can’t understand themselves.

1. Self-centered

The common psychology of women in love is to expect their lover to always revolve around them, listen to their words, and serve them only. They will defy the needs, interests, preferences, and values of the other party, as long as the other person “follows” their personality and needs are enough. Girls often just want to be the only concern of their lover. It is also because of this mentality that it is very difficult for them to get real love from the opposite sex because men are inherently very honorable, even though they have feelings for you, but always having to play the role of a submissive is rare. No one can stand it for long. Even though women know that it is not easy to make themselves the center of others, they still cannot understand that mentality of their own. It’s like a natural emotion.

2. Strangely jealous

Women are inherently very sensitive to people and things around them, especially in love. They constantly compare themselves with others, always worrying that they will not be recognized and liked by the other person. From there, a feeling of jealousy is born, sometimes they have no way out. Jealousy is a normal psychological state when a woman is in love. They are often very skeptical. They often closely monitor their man on all means from Facebook, Instagram, Zalo and even surrounding relationships to know what he does, where? They often feel insecure in their relationship despite their lover’s proof that he truly loves her. They always carry a thought that someone will interfere in their love so they are always wary of girls around their guy.


Perhaps they know that jealousy is emotionally uncomfortable for both of them at times, yet they still can’t get the negative thoughts and feelings out of their minds. It’s an incomprehensible mentality that even they can’t understand and solve.


3. Like safety

Girls in love often become little girls and crave security. It wouldn’t be okay if she was constantly on the lookout for the third person, infidelity, and ambiguity in a toxic relationship. Don’t hide your feelings so tightly that it makes a girl feel suspicious about her role in your life. Let her know that only her is your priority next to the meaningful things in your life like family or career. This can only be expressed through small daily acts of care, spiritual gifts, affirmation of affection between you and her, determination for the common goal of both of you.

4. Need to be respected

An important thing about women’s psychology in love is that they need respect from the other side. In modern life, both men and women have equal rights and abilities in building a career and nurturing family happiness. Do not let any stressful reason about income, future orientation, … make you have words or actions that underestimate her abilities. Be subtle and caring enough to realize that just by having frank conversations and comments about your common goals, weaknesses that need to be improved, and each other’s strengths regularly, you can show your commitment to each other. the necessary respect for the individuality of the girl. It is also a way for both of them to build a deep, healthy relationship based on mutual understanding between the two. No girl will accept a man who intentionally or unintentionally offends her to be with her for the rest of her life. The way to score absolute points in her eyes is to show all your respect for her in any area.

5. Love unexpected sweet things

Surely there have been many times when you have seen in movies, girls bursting with joy when receiving sweet gifts from their lovers such as bouquets, boxes of chocolates, or umbrellas when it rains suddenly. Perhaps real life will not be as romantic as it is in the movies, but movies are also built on studies of the viewer’s psychology. And of course, the girls in real life will also be very interested and excited about the surprises that the other party gives them. Give the girl you love a small gift such as a cozy meal between the two of you, a necklace or her favorite item, a gift on a special occasion that will make you sophisticated and perfect. She will feel your love for her. Lovely surprises like these are an indispensable catalyst for nurturing any relationship.

6. Like to encourage my lover in difficult times

In love, although girls always want to be loved and protected, sometimes they also become strong and want to become a solid support for their lover.


However, most men are usually quiet, want to keep secrets and solve things on their own, and do not want to worry their girlfriends. This makes women often feel anxious and confused when they have problems. Therefore, boys should understand this psychology of girls to have the most appropriate behavior. It is best to choose the right time to share and talk about the difficulties you are having with her. This makes a girl feel that she is a special person, someone strong enough to be with her lover in the most difficult times.


Each girl has a different personality and mentality, and has her beauty that needs to be cherished. Understanding what they need, like, and hate is no different than finding out the personality of anyone in this life so that you can begin to get to know them and start a good relationship. Read our blog to know the psychology of women when in love. Take the time to ask, care, and take care of them so that you can cultivate the best relationship.

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