How to heal after being cheated on and stay together?

Have you ever been betrayed by your lover? In a relationship, to build a good emotional relationship, both people need to have faith in each other. However, after being cheated on, it will be difficult for you to accept and continue to be happy together. And then, if both of you still have feelings and want to get back together, then both need to fix it and will try to do this for a long time. When you and your crush both agree to work on repairing your relationship after being betrayed by your partner, you can both end up building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship than before. So please read our blog carefully to improve your relationship.

  • Stages of healing after infidelity

Stage 1: You are aware of the betrayal of your lover

  • Identify your feelings.


To mend a romantic relationship, you need to seriously think about whether you want to save your relationship, or simply want to end it. Here are a few questions you can think about:


Is this the first time someone you love has betrayed your trust?


Is this relationship so important that I need to fight for it?


Would I want to maintain this relationship if certain factors would change and things would never go back to the way they were?

  • Express your feelings.


Tell your loved one about the hurt he’s caused you and what you need him to do so you can trust him or her again. The person needs to understand why you want to trust them and why they need to be trustworthy.


Tell your loved one that your feelings are legitimate and important even if they don’t think you necessarily feel pain or sadness.


It is important that you express your feelings through words rather than body language. You can use hugging, crying, kissing, or other forms of interaction to show calm; never punch, kick, slap, or perform acts of violence.

This is not your chance to hurt your opponent. If you really want to do this, you can talk about it, but don’t act on it.


  • Listen to your lover’s feelings.

Everything has a cause, and of course your story too.

You should allow the person you love to talk about what they feel is missing in your relationship so you can see why and see if they think the relationship is worth fixing. If your partner doesn’t want to continue the relationship, you should talk about breaking up.

Remember that this conversation is about both feelings, not about the facts of the argument.

Listen to your partner’s needs in the relationship. Can you give them what they need? It is possible that betrayal is the result of someone feeling left out but not comfortable talking about it.

The other person’s feelings are also completely relevant and important even if you don’t “agree” with what they need. If you feel that your partner’s feelings are not appropriate or important to you, you should think about ending the relationship.

  • Take responsibility for your actions

Both are responsible for their own actions in the past, both good and bad. You can’t ask the other person to be better when you yourself have many shortcomings. You can’t fix something if no one wants to take responsibility for it. Accountability is the key to being able to improve your actions for the better.

Realize that you have the potential to cause fatigue, discouragement, and resentment in your partner. Regardless of whether you intentionally or unintentionally, you have to be honest with yourself first

There’s an old saying that goes, “If there’s no fire, there’s no smoke.” If the person you love is at fault, you should look for other potential factors or reasons that could cause them to act the way they do. It is very rare that the fault lies entirely with one person when a relationship is in trouble.

Stage 2: Deciding whether to move on or not?


  • Visualize secure relationships.


The two of you are no longer in a new relationship, so let’s really seriously outline the factors that make you both happy and trust each other? What methods and actions can each person take to achieve this? Answering the questions above will help you decide the course of action for each individual to be able to move forward. Write down the 5 most important things that you think can help you have a strong relationship.


  • Terminate contact with “mistress”.


Be upfront with your partner that they need to completely stop seeing and communicating with their partner. The two of you need to make the other person feel that you are really sorry and want to be able to maintain this relationship. Many couples consider this to be a rather urgent action; In some cases, you don’t necessarily have to ask the other person to stop all contact with their lover. Your choice depends on what you think will help your relationship and on the specific situation, you face.

  • Set specific measures. 

Agree on what you expect of yourself and the person you love moving forward. You should start from the foundation of the relationship and discuss all aspects to clear things up. On the other hand, you should also think about the factors that bring you the most frustration and work to address them first.


Examples of specific measures include the other party letting you use their phone, or calls to check in at night.


Everyone can take different steps towards a common goal. Or, the two can help each other and do them together.


Writing everything down can be quite helpful, forming a list similar to a classroom rule and signing both of you at the bottom of the page to treat it as a contract.


  • Create an atmosphere of responsibility.


Your partner can take responsibility for his own behavior by calculating how he spends his time, and does not hide nor provide information to the other person before being asked. . The person you love needs to promise to get better, but you should remember that a promise or apology can only restore trust in the immediate future.


  • Establish a way to take responsibility for future actions.


For example, if your partner won’t let you check their phone one evening, you can form an agreement or discuss the problem.


This is a type of contingency plan that allows building flexibility of “specific” measures. You can show the person that you are trying and that sometimes, you will break the law or fail to take action.


Ultimately, you and the person you love need to take responsibility for communicating and trusting each other. Both of you should talk to each other if either of you is not doing this.


The promise to get better can only be effective in the short term, but it needs to be maintained in the long term to be valid

Stage 3: Maintain Relationships

  • Find out about the other party’s needs.


Betrayal doesn’t mean you’re completely unworthy, or that the person you love was unfaithful through your fault. However, it may be because the person doesn’t know how to voice his request. You should consult with that person on how to make the relationship better. You should also be more open to receiving suggestions for ways to improve and strengthen your romantic relationship.


Begin your sentence with the phrase “I/I feel that…” to avoid making the other person feel attacked or hurt. This method will help the other person realize that you are trying to state your feelings clearly, not arguing or stating a certain fact.


“Copy” what the other person says. Copying is when you repeat what you hear the other person say to confirm their point of view and make sure that both of you are getting the hang of it.


  • Show the love.


Focus on showing your partner that you still love him or her and that you should also accept his or her gestures of love. Be kind to each other, and appreciate each other’s acts of kindness. If your partner is trying to show affection, you should focus on accepting it as a gesture from the bottom of your heart.


Cook together, spend time together, have physical contact, and give each other sincere compliments.


Be kind to your partner so that they understand that you understand and care about them. For example, you could take your crush to a restaurant you know for sure he’ll enjoy, or take your loved one to visit family on the day off.

  • Women’s psychology of love

The psychology of a girl when in love- the personality of a girl when in love

The psychology of girls in love is very happy whenever she is with you. 


Signs she loves you will see you like everything to them. So they always want to be with you. So you will easily see if they are sincere or not if they are always happy next to you. Every time you are together you will find her smiling at you. When she is with you, she will try to spend more time with you and won’t want to let you go. You might find this annoying, but get used to it if you don’t want her to be angry


Women’s psychology when in love is always angry


When a girl loves you, she is angry. It’s the expression of worry and care that leads to her anger; while wanting us perfect just as we are means so much more than anything else could ever mean in this world or any other one for that matter!

 But even though it seems like there isn’t an ounce left inside those eyes looking at yours…she still will always love ya very much – no matter how hard times get. 

  • Female psychology in relationships

Why are women attracted to bad boys?

When it comes to the type of man a woman will be attracted to, there are two types: bad boys and good guys. While some people might think that all you need in life is kindness and stability; this couldn’t possible at least not according to evolutionary psychologist David Buss who says it’s more difficult for women because they “crave variety” while most males only want one partner over their lifetime (Akes 2004). Bad boy syndrome could make men seem unpredictable which can come across as attractive when paired with feminine traits such as caring deeply about others’ feelings or being gentle – especially after a while have passed since meeting someone new.


What do men need to know about how women think and feel in relationships?

A man may have the impression that he needs only to be good enough for his partner, but this could never work out. Women want more than just physical attraction; they also look at character traits like honesty or generosity when deciding if a relationship will succeed over time. The best way an individual can get along with their significant other is by understanding what makes her happy as well so there isn’t any room left open on either end!

How to heal after being cheated on and stay together

What You Can Do If Your Partner’s Temperament Doesn’t Match Yours?

If you want your relationship to work, then it’s important that the personalities of both parties match up. This is because we each bring our “A” game when dating or co-dependent relationships in order for them not only to survive but thrive as well! For example, if one person has a quick temper while another does not sometimes these differences can lead some fights to become physical which could ruin most people’s chance at happiness; however with understanding why this happens from their partner–and coming together over something simple such as breathing exercises may help heal everything between two individuals who care deeply about each other.


So no matter how high or low the percentage of relationships working after cheating is, you should give it a try. Listen to what your heart tells you. Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is that you recognize and accept to make amends for the person you love. In a relationship, a psychological grasp is very important and it will become the key to healing after infidelity. Above we have shown you ways to heal after being betrayed. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave a comment below.

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