Practical female psychology for the practical man

Are you a man who wants to find the best way to be successful in dating? Well, we have some tips that will help. You don’t need to worry about how this post is going to insult your manhood because it’s not like that at all. We’re writing for both genders and want them both to succeed! So let’s get started on these practical female psychology tips for the practical man.

Practical female psychology for the practical man

1. 4 truths about female psychology

1. Women like men with deep voices, because they seem more confident and calm

According to a study by researchers at the University of St. Andrews, women are more attracted to men with deep voices because they seem more confident and calm. The study found that when men’s voices were manipulated to sound deeper, the women in the study rated them as being more attractive and dominant.


This isn’t the first time that research has shown that women are attracted to men with deep voices. A study from 2012 found that women prefer men with low-pitched voices because they perceive them as being more powerful and masculine.


So why do women find deep voices so attractive? One possible explanation is that deep voices signal dominance and power, which are qualities that many women find desirable. Additionally, deep voices may be associated with better health and stamina, which women want in a mate.


The researchers found that men who speak with lower voices sound more dominant and attractive to women. For the study, the researchers had 10 men say “I have been told I have a sexy voice” into several different microphones. In some cases, the researchers lowered the pitch of the recordings so it sounded deeper. The recordings were played for about 100 young women on average at a time, while they rated them according to dominance and attractiveness. Women tend to prefer deep voices because they perceive these men as being more confident and calm. This is not just true of humans: other research has shown that female mice tend to prefer songs where male rodents have lower voices too.


Beyond attracting mates, a low voice also has some clear benefits in professional settings. A study of nearly 2,000 executives found that those with lower-pitched voices were perceived as being more powerful, and more likely to be promoted.


So the next time you want to impress a woman, don’t just focus on your looks – work on deepening your voice too! It may make all the difference.


2. Saying “I love you” attracts others much more.


There is some truth to the saying that whispering “I love you” in someone’s left ear is more emotionally impactful than saying it in their right ear. This is because the left side of the brain is associated with emotional processing, whereas the right side is more associated with logical processing.


This asymmetry in brain function may explain why expressions of love are often felt more intensely when whispered into someone’s left ear. Additionally, research has shown that people tend to be more attracted to others who exhibit left-brain dominance.


So if you’re looking to make your loved one feel extra special, try whispering those three little words into their left ear! They’ll appreciate the sentiment. 


3. Women want to receive positive attention


One of the things that women crave most is positive attention. Whether it’s from a partner, friend, or family, we love to be appreciated and feel like we matter. This is probably why so many women fall victim to “needy behavior” – because they’re seeking out that positive attention in any way they can.


It can be hard for some men to understand this need for positive attention because they often just want sex. But for women, intercourse is not the main goal – we want to feel loved and desired too. So next time your girlfriend or wife does something “crazy”, try to remember that she’s just trying to get your attention in the best way she knows how.


4. If you stand up straight and make eye contact it makes you more confident and attractive.


When you want to attract someone, it’s important to come across as confident. One way to do this is by standing up straight and making eye contact. This will make you feel more confident and attractive.


Eye contact is key when trying to make a good first impression. It shows that you’re interested in what the other person has to say. It also makes you seem more trustworthy and confident. When you maintain eye contact, it sends the message that you’re strong and capable.


Standing up straight can also help boost your confidence. It makes you appear taller and stronger. This can give the impression that you’re an authority figure or someone who is in control.


By following these tips, you can come across as more confident and attractive to the person you’re interested in. It will help you make a great first impression and may even lead to a new relationship.

2. Things in men that attract women

1. The spirit of chivalry

Since historical times, chivalry has constantly attracted girls.


American love existence instructs Lisa Concepcion well-known shows that physiologically, girls need to sense covered and drawn to a person who makes them sense safe.


2. Eye touch

According to the well-known American “matchmaker” Bonnie Winston, guys make eye touch very sexy. It is the sexiest act a person can do to a lady.


“Women need to sense like guys virtually care about them, and making eye contact makes them sense heard, understood, and valued,” provides Winston.


3. Be proactive

It’s now no longer amusing while you are constantly the only one finding out what you will do and in which you are going, it is why girls locate it appealing while a cap potential mate is actively and worried on a date.


According to Sarah Rose Marcus, a doctoral pupil at Rutgers University (USA), girls need a person who respects their interests, which include going to network provider events.


4. Show cap potential

According to Raffi Bilek, a couples counselor and director of the Baltimore Therapy Center (USA), any conduct that indicates a person’s cap potential may be appealing to girls.


Women are drawn to supposedly hit guys. It would not count what a person is great desirable at, so long as he has the cap potential and shine.


A lady might also additionally discover a guy appealing while he shines as a public speaker or while he fixes an automobile that nobody else can repair in document time. Anything a person excels at, regardless of how mundane it can seem, maybe well-liked via way of means of girls!”


5. Controlled risk-taking

Diversity is the spice of existence, and a feeling of journey in a cap potential accomplice can offer an interesting thrill. But what girls locate is virtually appealing while a person can have stability and a feel of the journey with a feeling of responsibility.


According to American psychologist and love expert, Dr. Carla Marie Manly, there’s not anything extra exciting and appealing than a person who loves to take risks however can make knowledgeable and straightforward decisions. trust.


Not handiest does this display that a cap potential accomplice has the cap potential to wonder you in thrilling and adventurous ways, it additionally indicates that he is constantly supportive of you and might not rush into something he would not. prepare, in keeping with The List.


Hiking and tenting below the celebs can feel great-adventurous, however, a lady might be extra drawn to a person who has organized for it via means of packing enough, wearing the first resource package and studies station, then the person who took her on an experience with no instruction or thought.


After all, girls need to journey, however additionally they need to feel safe.


6. Attentive and responsible

This 2d step is what virtually draws girls. It would not necessarily be a pompous gesture, however, being privy to what a lady desires and proactively assembling her desires – is a sport changer.


A woman instructed that she could not leave the man, simply due to the fact while she was rubbing her wrist, due to the fact she broke her hand whilst gambling tennis, the man at once texted her brother who’s a chiropractor. image and ee-ebook an appointment for her, and document a reminder.


It’s fine that he observed and requested it, however, the step of arising with a solution “is what took him from an amusing date to a boyfriend in a flash,” in keeping with The List.


7. Be type to everyone

While a lady desires to be handled with dignity and respect, she additionally needs her accomplice to deal with different human beings in an identical manner.


As Winston said, the manner a person treats others like a mother, a servant… is important.


The goal of this post is to help you understand your female counterparts a little better. It’s time for you to become more understanding and compassionate because it sounds like these ladies have been dealing with emotional struggles that are hard enough as it is. We hope we’ve helped shed some light on the subject, but if not please let us know how we can be of assistance!


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