Women are the strangest and most complex species in this world. In order to understand female psychology in love, men always have to scratch their heads and scratch their ears. Learn these mind hacks upon women’s psychology so that you can predict her mind right away. 


1. The art of capturing women’s psychology – How to conquer difficult women

1.1 Women are a language that men can never understand

psychology tricks to make a girl fall in love with you

Women, according to many comments from men, are considered the “most confusing creatures” in the world. Because female psychology nature is very complicated. Men must know how to capture thoughts and understand what women want. Although women never show on the outside. And men always find it difficult with this problem. Therefore, in order to learn the art of grasping women’s psychology, men must be delicate and talk hard. Also, pay attention to her facial expression so you can see what she’s thinking!

Pay attention to her face so you can see what she’s thinking!

1.2 Women and shopping are inseparable – N the art of capturing women’s psychology

Surely this is something everyone knows. Women and passion for shopping have always been inseparable. Women can find 10 reasons not to shop. But they can easily find 100 things to counter them. And as a matter of fact, they are always shopping for things that are not on the list. If you’ve learned the art of capturing women’s psychology, hold your woman’s hand tightly while shopping!


1.3 Women can’t keep secrets – Female psychology when in love

The secret to making women attractive. But in this case, it is completely different. Women have the ability to update news and spread information very quickly. Especially the information in lies in their interest. When they “catch” something interesting, they will learn about it. And as for the things they consider interesting, they never keep them to themselves. There will always be a group of sisters with the same interests as me to bring that information together to discuss and dissect.

Women always have a group of sisters to discuss and update news anytime, anywhere.

1.4 Women like the feeling of being a winner – The art of capturing women’s psychology

Women are extremely sensitive. Nothing will be able to escape their eyes. There can be up to a 90% chance that a man’s mistakes will be captured by his wives. However, even with all the evidence in hand, they still want to hear confessions from men.


The reason is they want to be recognized that they have won. They want to enjoy the feeling of victory. Make the man beg for forgiveness. This is the art of capturing the female psyche. Always be honest and don’t try to hide anything from them.

Women are extremely sensitive. So don’t do wrong things behind her back

1.5 A woman’s most powerful weapon is silence

Men always believe that a woman’s most powerful weapon is tears. But there’s something scarier than that. That is silence. When women are silent, their anger has reached a very high level. You are late – she is silent, you are sorry – she is silent, you are slow to text – she is silent, you choose the wrong dish – she is silent,…


Many people consider it a blessing, thinking that it would be worse to hear the nagging. But you don’t know that, when they are silent, it’s not just aimless anger anymore. You don’t just comfort her with a few sweet words. When silence enveloped the air, all words were meaningless. So in the art of capturing women’s psychology, you need action.


1.6 Women like frivolous things

There have been many studies with results on behavioral differences between women and men. If men will only buy the right items with the right intention, women are not the opposite. They tend to go see all the items. And always try to find a reason to buy unnecessary items. Simply put, they like it.

Women seem to love frivolous things.

1.7 Women are always right. If not, please review the previous sentence

This is a truth that every man needs to remember. “Women are always right”. Never ignore her opinions. Or worse, arguing back over things he didn’t say. According to the art of capturing women’s psyche, you must know that they are very stubborn. They especially don’t like being opposed by others. Always know how to listen, care and respect everything she has to say. If she is wrong, choose the right time and gently explain to her!

The art of capturing women’s psychology – Women are always right.


1.8 Women want men to guess their thoughts

A very interesting thing about women is that they like their partners to guess their thoughts. This is what has caused a lot of boys headaches. Men often have a saying “girls say one is two, girls say whatever you want, but it must be exactly what I mean” to talk about girls.


She did so because she wanted to know the boy’s care and love. Moreover, she also wants to put aside the strong to hide in the heart of the person she loves to be protected. The guy may not be able to guess 100% of her thoughts correctly, but the guy’s sincerity will be felt by her.


1.9 The mentality of a woman can’t be worked out – Understand the psychology of a woman right

Is it a girl or a boy? Whoever you are, you should know that a girl’s mentality is very difficult to talk about, especially in love. Almost every girl knows that love and career are very important.


They are aware that their partner is working hard to succeed in their career to add more happiness to the two of them. But life always has things that are beyond our control. The girl doesn’t want her lover to have intimacy with anyone. The girl wants the guy to spend all his time with her. She wants to be loved by her lover in front of her friends. She wanted so much but couldn’t make it clear.

She wants to be loved by her lover in front of her friends.


2. How to talk to women psychologically – Things guys should know about girls psychology

2.1 Be calm, natural, and slow when you start talking to girls

Before you approach her, you should find a way to start a conversation with her. Ask yourself the question “How would we like a stranger to approach us?”. The advice for you at this time is to stay calm and relax. It’s best to act as naturally as possible. Girls don’t like to be pounced on for the first time. Imagine you’re going to meet an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a long time. She will feel your closeness. Be subtle and work out her concerns and talk about them. This is to create a natural relationship and keep the story on the topic not boring.

The way to talk to a girl psychologically is to show it as naturally as possible. Don’t be too worried.

2.2 Approach at the right time

The right timing is key to your relationship. So watch what she’s doing before you approach her. Take a look to guess if she has time for you or not? Is she busy and you are bothering her? You should talk to her when she has time to talk. This will give you more opportunities to approach her

2.3 Slowly but surely

Women are always wary and wary of strangers. Therefore, if you are too aggressive or aggressive, you are scaring them. And at that moment, they’ll just want to avoid you. And there is a note that should not ask too much of their personal information. Women often feel uncomfortable giving out personal information to someone they just meet. A typical example here is the phone number.

Avoid asking too much personal information about her in the first meeting. Learn how to talk to girls psychologically to become more skillful in behavior.

2.4 Get used to rejection

As mentioned, women are always wary of strangers. Therefore, it is normal for her to decline your invitation. And you should get used to it. It’s not all your fault, she just doesn’t feel like today is a special day to open up. Or you’re just not what she wants. You can’t always be successful. Failure is also a valuable experience sometimes.

2.5 Respect her time – How to talk to women psychologically

If she really cares about you then that’s great. You’re walking up to her and she’s excited to talk. But remember, that doesn’t mean she has accepted you. You can’t force her to spend a lot of time talking to you. Therefore, pay attention to each of her gestures to better guess the opponent’s intentions.

If she went with her friends to the party that day. Don’t try to monopolize all of her time. You and she will have more opportunities for the next time. You can give her her phone number, showing that you really want to get to know her and are serious about the relationship. Always respect each other’s time and space.

Happy couple having romantic dinner in restaurant. Happy Valentine day concept

Pay attention to her every move to better guess the other’s intentions.

2.6 Avoid discussing delicate topics

When you’re just starting out in the learning phase, private matters are always topics that should be avoided. At this time, the two are not connected in conversation and life. So talking about these issues will easily cause discomfort for both parties. If you find that you and her quickly form a connection, you can quickly skim through the small topics to get to the important part. But you really should avoid discussing delicate topics when you start a conversation with her. Otherwise, you will make her feel uncomfortable.

Avoid talking about sensitive topics. Because doing so easily leads to an awkward conversation.

2.7 Always smile – How to attract in a conversation with her

Smiling is an easy way to create intimacy and sympathy for her. But you don’t have to smile throughout your conversation with her. You should just smile whenever you feel appropriate. This makes her realize that you enjoy talking to her. You may forget to smile when you’re nervous, so remember to control yourself.

2.8 Eye contact

Eye contact is key to making her feel important. And show that you really care about what she has to say. This is how to talk to girls psychologically. You may feel shy when you have to face her and look her in the eye. Don’t worry, make a connection between the two of you. You don’t have to be too enthusiastic or excited about what she shares. But try to look her in the eye as much as possible while she’s talking so she can feel that she’s important.

Young couple eating together at home

Eye contact shows respect and conveys messages effectively.

3. How to help maintain interest in women

3.1 Find similarities

Once your conversation becomes more smooth, you can continue talking about issues of mutual interest. However, you do not need to try too hard to find common ground, but try to find similarities to create a bond. When talking, come up with an appropriate topic that the two of you can share together. It could be a sport, a recent hot topic, or a hobby. Unexpected coincidences will make the conversation more interesting.

3.2 Ask her opinion

To keep the conversation going, you should let her feel that you really enjoy talking to her. And she matters to you. You consult her, so that you can listen to her thoughts. This tells you that she is sensing your interest. She will realize that you really appreciate and value her opinion. And she’ll know that it’s not that you’re trying to flirt with her, but that you genuinely care and respect her.

Consult with her to learn her thoughts and concerns.

3.3 Use your surroundings

If you’re nervous and feel like your conversation is dropping. Look around and see if you can use your surroundings to your advantage. Maybe ask her what she thought of the music at the party that day. Or you might care what she thinks about desserts. However, you should not look around frantically looking for a new topic of conversation.


3.4 Let Her Speak – The Art of Capturing Women’s Psychology

You may feel nervous and always look for topics to talk about so as not to bore her. So you might end up talking too much and not letting her talk. Talking constantly does not mean making the conversation more interesting. Instead, take the time to listen to her ideas or share. Or you can shut up for a bit so she can start bringing up a new topic. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Let the conversation become natural and close.

4. Men’s factors attract women

4.1 Happy man

All women are attracted to men who are fun, adventurous and like to do things out of the ordinary. She will be completely obsessed with you – a cheerful, vivacious guy who brings her happy moments. The positive energy coming from you will always make the girls excited forever.

Women are often attracted to cheerful men who always bring positive energy.

4.2 A funny man always attracts women

The art of capturing women’s psychology ? Besides fun, a sense of humor always seems to be the bullet points for every girl’s criteria for choosing a boyfriend. Humor is especially provocative. If you can make her laugh, you can make things go your way. She will always want to talk to you without stopping. However, there should be moderation when many people turn it into ungodly things. They become arrogant, excessive. Remember that confidence and a natural sense of humor attract women.

4.3 Classes

Do you know about wines? Do you have your own style of dress? Do you like to try new foods and go to new places? Do you open the door and pull up a chair for her? All of these will be great to show your politeness and sophistication.

Show her your flair and courtesy.

4.4 Women like a dominating man

These are said to be the points that make women attractive. For real men, they always know what they want and pursue it to the end. That is the so-called strong bravery of men. However, do not become too bold or do things that are off-limits. Because it can make her feel uncomfortable. The assertive attitude she wants to see is that when you set a goal, you pursue it with passion.

4.5 Romance 

How do you define romance? Is it giving her flowers every morning or running in the rain together? The romance here isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. In this era, girls rarely fantasize about princes and turn themselves into princesses.

Learn the art of capturing women’s psyche. You will instantly become a great man in every girl’s eyes. Instead of just looking at her face, feel her soul see beautiful things. Always learn to care and talk to her with interesting stories or give her sweet words of love.

4.6 Many life experiences are always the focus of women

Women have desires just like men. They fall in love with men who are experienced and know how to make them happy. So keep learning and experiencing more.

4.7 Generosity – How to attract girls effectively

Are you assuming being generous means being the one to pay for every date and give her expensive gifts? The answer for you about the art of capturing women’s psychology is not to try to impress her with meaningless material things. Generosity refers here to your generosity of love

Take the time to help others. For example, going to charity, helping people in difficult circumstances. Ask her to do things like that together. She will see you doing meaningful things and her heart will flutter. In this way, you also feel more in love with life because you have done useful things.

Your generosity of love will impress her.


4.8 Smart boys will always be loved by girls

Intelligence and extensive knowledge are always advantages that attract everyone, not just girls. However, do not foolishly boast that you are a smart person. Women will immediately think you are arrogant and self-righteous. Intelligence can be very attractive as long as you know how to be humble and interesting.

Surprise her with funny ideas, unexpected actions. Use your wits and understanding in helping out in areas where she’s confused. But always remember to be humble. “I know a little bit about this, can I tell you?” Don’t let her think you mean: “I’m so smart and talented and you don’t know anything.”

Conquering a woman’s heart is not as tough as you think, if you grasp the female psychology in a relationship, even in the case of the first meeting. Follow us to know more relationship hacks to upgrade your story up to the next level.

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