The Existence of A Platonic Male-Female Relationship

From time immemorial, the view of many people is that there is no such thing as a platonic relationship between a man and a woman. However, many studies and surveys show that pure relationships are still very much alive and are increasing in both friendship and love. This blog helps you learn interesting things to know about these special relationships.

The platonic friendship between men and women

It is often said that a platonic friendship cannot exist between a man and a woman, but in fact, this is a misconception, they think it does not exist because they have never had a close friend of the opposite sex. A best friend of the opposite sex is someone you can share with, can rely on, but never got further than to become love. The only thing that close friends of the opposite sex have to overcome is public opinion, they will talk and think that you two are in love, but it’s best we don’t care about those words because the platonic friendship is both feel and knowing a specific stop.


Surely we are all too familiar with the drama motif when a guy meets a girl, they become best friends and the boy has a secret crush on his friend. However, later the girl has a lover and this causes the guy to become jealous and confess to her his true feelings. Finally, the girl realizes that the person she loves is her best friend who has been by her side for so long. The filmmakers have exploited the idea of ​​male-female friendships developing into love so well that it leads us to believe that all friendships of the opposite sex develop similarly.


However, science says that platonic male-female friendship does exist. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that relationships between men and women are changing as they see each other as friends or confidants more than lovers. Participants who felt no physical attraction to their friends had significantly longer friendships than those who felt attraction from the opposite sex. The sustainability of a friendship of the opposite sex depends a lot on how they communicate and respect each other. Besides, they also have certain limits that the opponent should not violate. The platonic friendship between a man and a woman is the best choice for a girl who wants to be shared, cared for, and protected from a man but she does not want to be in love. Besides, they can better understand the woman or man they want to pursue by asking for information from their close friend.


In a heterosexual friendship, we want to make friends with someone we can talk to freely and without worrying about awkward moments. Therefore, if physical affections and desires are not overwhelmed, the platonic friendship between men and women can and should exist.

The platonic love between men and women

What is platonic love?

Platonic love gives us a new perspective on how one feels: being honest, respecting boundaries, letting go of unrealistic expectations, and knowing how to do what’s best for the one you love. platonic love is pure, pure love, with only spiritual connection, absolutely no sex or physical contact. When we talk to someone we admire or love, it can be as simple as joy. Nowadays, pure love is seen as the feeling of good friends and companions. Between them is a healthy affection, trust, admiration, gratitude, not jealousy, calculation.

4 factors that create a platonic love

Be honest

One of the hallmarks of pure love is honesty. The scariest thing with a normal love is the feeling of being deceived, the quarrels because of the third person. But with platonic love not, we will not have any obsessions of abandonment and betraying or having to listen to scary lies because Platonic Love is built on the principle of trust but not binding, we have the right to trust the other person absolutely, trust our feelings but don’t have any an uncomfortable bondage, all voluntarily.

Mutual respect

In a Platonic relationship, both will trust and respect each other very much because affection is built on sharing and attachment. It all comes from true love. They may have similar interests, views, or conflicting interests, yet they can still easily listen to the other. Maybe they will try to accept and gradually understand each other better. That is considered healthy respect.


When you love someone in a Platonic way, love will always be in your life naturally. Because, Platonic Love is hard to come by, but once it does, it won’t go away even if it’s chased. Even if the world changes, everything will remain the same forever.

Don’t set high expectations

For romantic love, we often expect too much of a common home. You always want to overcome challenges with the other person; keep the reason to have a satisfied life and especially have the expectation of possessing everything. It is these things that will make the feelings more fragile and sensitive if both do not know how to preserve. But for platonic love, it’s different, you won’t need to expect the other person to reciprocate with full affection because there is no inherent commitment between the two of you, no need to be a family or share finances. Both just need to have the same sincere feelings. This is precisely why Platonic love is so often long-lasting and so cherished.

Be altruistic

In romantic relationships, we are often sensitive and easily lose ourselves. The psychology and behavior of anyone in love is wanting to have the full feelings and attention of the other half. Therefore, when there are conflicts or “strangers” appear, there is a risk of relationship breakdown. We often choose to use negative emotions to torment the other person to protect our love. As for Platonic love, we will not selfishly keep it to ourselves. All actions and manners are correct and wish the other person to be completely happy. Because when accepting a platonic love is accepting a selfless love, respecting, not tormenting the other side, making the other person feel comfortable and safe. Maybe that’s why pure love often has a beautiful and lasting result.


The platonic friendship and love between a man and a woman are indeed beautiful relationships maintained by sincere affection, mutual respect, not for any bad purpose. That’s why that relationship is existing more and more.

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