The Healthy Fast Food: Tips and Ideas for Making Healthier Choices

It’s hard to get healthy food when you’re on the go. It seems like every time you eat outside of your home, healthy options are few and far between. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

In this blog post we will discuss how to make healthier choices when eating at a restaurant or ordering take-out.. Finally, we’ll offer ideas on how you can eat healthier while traveling and if you’re short on time in the morning before work!

What is fast food and healthy food?

Check out for healthy fast food options for diet
Check out for healthy fast food options for diet

What is fast food?

The term ‘fast food’ refers to dishes that are quickly prepared so they can be served immediately thereafter such as hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken sandwiches and pizza slices among many other options. 

People who eat fast foods seek convenience which means these types of restaurants usually do not offer many healthy choices on their menu due to time constraints for preparation purposes (only healthier items can take longer).

In recent years however there has been a shift in what people expect out of fast meal establishments which means healthy alternatives are now offered at these types of restaurants for the consumers who are looking to avoid high fat, calorie laden foods.

What is healthy food?

First off let us define what healthy really means; most would agree it includes consuming whole foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and lean proteins. In contrast to other fast food chains that may offer healthy options as a marketing scheme – we can confidently say that all of our menu items are healthy.

It is true that healthier ingredients take more time to prepare than those loaded with sugar or preservatives; but for the most part they don’t have many extra steps either.

So can fast food become healthy food?

. The basic principles of healthy eating – including:

  •  reading labels on packaged foods; 
  • using condiments sparingly; 
  • avoiding processed meats, fried foods, and refined sugars; 
  • and opting for healthier side dishes instead of extras such as french fries or onion rings.

It’s also important to watch portion sizes so that we are not consuming more calories than necessary from any one dish. Creating meals with these guidelines in mind doesn’t mean your favorite “junk food” can’t be healthy, either.

How can I make healthier choices when eating at a restaurant or ordering take-out

Below are some of our tips for making healthy choices when dining out: 

– Check the website of your favorite restaurant and search their menu online before you go out so that you know what healthy choices are available to order when dining out or ordering take-out. Some restaurants offer healthy side dishes, like vegetables, fruit cups and nonfat dressing options if customers ask in advance about these items because they may not be as visible on the menu. 

– Try new foods by going with a friend who has ordered something healthy from this list of suggestions! Share an appetizer or try sharing one dish at dinner instead of getting two entrees (which is a healthy habit to practice anyway).

– When you order takeout, provide instructions if you want healthy options like steamed vegetables and low fat dressings or sauces. 

– Try ordering foods with less salt when dining out as these items can often have hidden high sodium content (try rice, beans or chicken for a healthy alternative that is lower in salt). Avoid creamy sauces too!

– Ask how the meat was prepared before deciding on what entree to choose from the menu because this will help determine whether it’s been cooked at a higher temperature than necessary (which may affect flavor) and could make your meal healthier. 

– Request items without cheese toppings so that they don’t contain extra calories, fats and saturated fats which contribute to weight gain.

– Avoid French fries and chips as healthy alternatives, because they are high in calories and oils which can lead to fatigue or digestive problems. 

– Drink water instead of sugary drinks like juice (only order healthy options if you’re dining out!). Juice often has hidden sugars that contribute to extra pounds while still tasting sweet. Drinking water is the healthiest choice for your body! Bring a reusable water bottle with you when ordering takeout so that it’s easier to avoid buying unnecessary plastic bottles at restaurants or convenience stores.

– Avoid alcohol as this is high in calories and takes away from healthy eating habits by sending signals to the brain which tell us we are hungry even when we aren’t. Keep healthy choices healthy by adding fruit juice or water into alcoholic drinks. 

– Order beverages like tea or coffee without sugar added if possible because these contain caffeine which has been shown to increase metabolism and energy.

– Order healthy appetizers like soup or salad to start off the meal instead of bread, chips or anything fried since these are high in calories and oils which can lead to fatigue or digestive problems. 

– Ask for half portions when ordering your main course so that you don’t overeat because this is not only bad for your health but also leaves less room for healthy choices at the end of a meal! 

– Avoid dressings with mayonnaise as they often contain high levels of saturated fats which contribute to weight gain while adding flavor (low calorie alternatives are always healthier). 

– If dining out with others, split an entrée with someone because this will satisfy the healthy appetites and ensure you don’t have to waste food. 

– Order healthy desserts like fruit parfaits, fresh fruit with low fat toppings or choose something without sugar.

Healthy Alternatives for Fast Food

Options to replace fast food for balanced meals
Options to replace fast food for balanced meals

You needn’t give up taste entirely in order to eat healthier food choices when eating fast food style foods! Try these suggestions below: 

– Choose grilled chicken instead of fried or grilled fish instead of battered

– Choose healthy side dishes like fresh fruit and vegetables, steamed veggies, salads with non fat dressing to add flavor. 

– Avoid mayonnaise based sauces because they often contain high levels of saturated fats which contribute to weight gain. Low calorie alternatives are always healthier if you want something healthy yet flavorful! 

– Order oatmeal without the brown sugar topping for a healthy breakfast on the go in place of sugary cereals that leave you feeling hungry after an hour (that is when your blood sugar level drops). 

– Choose healthy desserts like fruit and yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit with low fat toppings or choose something without sugar.

– Choose a soup, salad or side dish instead of an entrée to help you feel full without the excess calories and fat. A great example is adding fresh vegetables to your sandwich (such as tomatoes) if possible. 

– Ordering salads with low fat dressing is another smart choice when eating out because these are healthy choices but also keep you from overeating by not allowing the extra calories to accumulate on top of what is already being eaten, which will lead to weight gain over time.

Ideas to help you eat healthier when in short of time 

– Make sure your meals are balanced by choosing foods from each food group: vegetables, fruits, fat free dairy products (or low fat/non-dairy), whole grain cereal products and meatless proteins such as beans; fish, lean poultry or fowl options.

– Consider foods with healthy fats – these are essential for your body to function well on many levels because they provide energy in the form of calories. Good sources include avocados, olives, nuts (peanuts), soybeans/tofu etc., but keep in mind that healthy fat is only a good choice when eaten sparingly; it’s easy to consume too much by eating just one serving size! 

– Limit sugar intake which means consumption of fruit juices and sweetened beverages like soda, as well as processed foods such as cookies and other types of pastries. 

– Limit your intake of alcohol which means that you need to consider healthy alternatives for alcoholic drinks too – one good idea is switching from beer or wine to a drink like vodka with soda water instead.

It’s also important not to mix different liquors so if you’re going out then limit the number of cocktails to two per night drinking only non-alcoholic beverages in between. 

– Eat healthy yet satisfying snacks by choosing fruit rather than chips, candies or candy bars; when buying canned fruits always look for those that are packed in 100% juice rather than sugar because they have more healthy nutrients.


In conclusion, we hope this post helps you make healthier choices when eating fast food. Many people make poor choices when ordering take-outs because they don’t think about what is in their meal before it arrives at the table. 

It’s best to combine alternative options above to keep yourself in shape but still enjoy every meal deliciously. Thank you for reading our post and feel free to check out other related articles below. 


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