What Causes Female Infidelity?

Women cheat just for love – Men often claim so and they believe a girl cheating means they fell in love with the man. However, this statement is not necessarily true when there are many reasons why women become infidelity. There are both objective and subjective causes, but having become an unfaithful person is difficult to sympathize with. Let’s read this blog to learn the reasons why women cheat.

Uninterested husband/lover

One question arises why do women become unfaithful? Women are born to love and also need to be loved. Women’s emotional needs are much greater than men’s. The weak heart of a woman is easily lost when her husband does not know how to share and care.


When a husband is too apathetic, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t care about his wife, or behaves harshly, patriarchal… They tend to look to another person to feel cared for and to affirm their own attractiveness, which their husbands cannot give them. They are looking for a new person, who can do things that her husband or lover has never done and that makes them happy and satisfied.

For women, the attention or compliments of the other half is as necessary as the air to breathe, especially when she has just had a change. Maybe it’s just an encouraging compliment, showing that a man cares about her is enough to make her happy.


If you’re so careless that you don’t notice her new hairstyle or a new dress, chances are some guy has already earned her points with winged compliments.

Attracted by the novelty

Women and men both have the same feelings and desires, but the expression of women is not equal to that of men. Once the relationship between the two sides is too cold, emotionally exhausted, too boring, losing tolerance for the other party, or having endless quarrels… then adultery is just a matter of time. If they have been unfaithful women, they are always looking for new things in love and sex, they are always looking for new things. They are strong people who like to conquer, not satisfied with what they have.


Whether man or woman, no matter how long they love each other, freshness is an indispensable spice in love. Constantly creating freshness in a relationship may not be easy, but neglecting it is what causes many couples to fall apart soon.

Husband changed after marriage.

You were once a great man to her, but once you’ve won her over, you seem like a different person. You treat her differently, speak to her in a different tone. This makes her feel like you don’t love her anymore.


When too much work or difficulties at work make you confused and stressed, you don’t want your wife to worry so you hide it, but this is what makes your wife feel that you are gradually drifting away from them, seeing that you are cold and bored with you, now someone else comes and gives her a feeling of being cared for and loved… This has led to your wife having an affair. If you are afraid that your wife will worry but do not share it with her, then you are pushing her away with your own hands, putting your relationship in danger of breaking up.


Or you are a drunkard, refuse to help her with the housework, and no longer want to make her happy, all of the above mistakes that made you give her a bad impression are all you show. It was all lies in the past. It is understandable when she has more feelings for some kind co-worker who knows how to help and spend time with her.


In other words, you are so used to her appearance in your life, you will not be afraid of your relationship falling apart because the two of you are married and you have to take care of many things such as work at work. company, house, and childcare, so I can’t take care of her like I did when I was dating. These things gradually become barriers to your husband and wife’s relationship, making her depressed and gradually losing her loyalty.

Arguing too much

In any relationship, whether it is a lover or a husband and wife, two people with two different personalities, two different individuals, will inevitably have disagreements. When things don’t go as smoothly as they should, that’s when conflicts form, and when conflicts form, it’s bound to lead to quarrels. If in the past it was possible for women to admit their mistakes and change, with modern women everything is different. Because in fact, people’s life purpose is always towards a happy life, but if love or marriage is always in a state of tension, often quarrels, cannot give a common voice, If you always promote your ego without being humbled, it is very difficult to keep this relationship for a long time. At the moment, there are no women who accept to live a life full of quarrels, until they no longer want to live with conflicts, they will voluntarily leave that relationship. So one of the reasons for a woman to become unfaithful is also because the man next to her brings too many quarrels and conflicts.

Work environment

Studies show that the nature of work affects women’s levels of infidelity. When their work environment is too flashy, or their work must always be in the office, they spend more time with male colleagues than with their lover or husband. According to surveys as well as research, the following occupations have a work environment that is easy for women to become unfaithful:


  • Women work as secretaries and assistants to male directors: current directors often recruit young, beautiful, obedient secretaries to meet partners or go on business trips. Therefore, it is easy for a woman doing this job to have an emotional relationship with her boss because they meet each other all day, for career advancement, and money.


  • Women working as real estate brokers, selling cars: this is a profession where they have to meet partners in many places such as cafes, restaurants, and theaters to earn contracts. Customers in this environment are often people with money and status, so women in this profession are also very shaken.


  • Women in the entertainment industry: women working in the entertainment industry: showbiz, bars, discos, singing bars, karaoke, etc. have a very high likelihood of adultery because the communication environment touches many people of the opposite sex.


Today, adultery psychology will form in women’s minds for many different reasons. The main reasons stem from her love relationship or marriage is not perfect, their man does not bring her satisfaction or happiness. However, adultery is never the right thing to do. Therefore, this blog helps couples to find out the cause of a woman becoming unfaithful and find a suitable solution.

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